Why do some couples choose to have a wedding elopement ceremony? For one thing, modern elopements are very different than they were in years past. These days, couples who elope are able to take part in creative decisions. They can make the elopement unique and perfectly theirs. This includes everything from the attire to the location to the wedding traditions they decide to include.

Some couples may prefer to tie the knot in the most straightforward way possible. For them, the perfect elopement ceremony involves minimal frills or activity. It is simply the signing of a marriage license in front of a witness. Others may incorporate elements from traditional wedding ceremonies. For these couples, the embellishments of a typical wedding are important.

Rest assured that there is no wrong answer. It all comes down to your preferences and personality as a couple. From having a first look to tying cans to your bumper, we’ll share a few wedding traditions to consider as you’re preparing for your big day!

Why Have Wedding Traditions at Your Elopement Ceremony?

An elopement ceremony is sometimes misunderstood as a rushed alternative to traditional weddings. However, elopements can involve the same traditional experiences as a typical wedding, on a smaller scale. So, if you’ve always dreamed of your first dance or looked forward to the bouquet toss, you can still do it!

When you have a team streamlining the whole process, a well planned elopement leaves plenty of time and flexibility for couples to get creative. As you’ll discover, classic wedding traditions aren’t just for large ceremonies. Although entirely optional, including traditions in  your wedding elopement ceremony is fun, easy, and great for photoshoots.

Capturing The First Look in Your Elopement Ceremony

Couples who elope often have a photographer to document the whole experience. This makes it easy to add a first look photoshoot to the itinerary. There is only one chance to capture the first time a couple beams at each other in full wedding attire. For many, this is an emotional event, and one to remember for life. As such, having a photographer document the first look is justifiably one of the most popular wedding traditions. Photography is especially dramatic when the elopement ceremony is in a natural setting, where the scenery creates the perfect, natural backdrop for an already breathtaking moment.

Creating Your Own Wedding Elopement Vows

Wedding vows are a highlight of many wedding ceremonies, including elopements. Some couples decide to write personal vows, which is one of the most intimate wedding traditions. It provides the chance to speak from the heart and to express love from one another. You may also want to include cultural or religious customs into ceremonial readings, and pay tribute to your heritage. Additionally, you can give your guests a chance to share a few words. This is a way of demonstrating how much the two of you are valued and cherished by others.

The First Dance Of Your Wedding Elopement Ceremony

Most elopements are smaller, more intimate gatherings, as compared to traditional weddings. As such, having a smaller audience means a lot less pressure when it comes to public gestures of affection. This includes the first dance at the post elopement party. Whether you are shy or outgoing, a first dance is a personal, sweet tradition. It can be meticulously choreographed or impromptu and romantic. It can be as simple as finding a flat area near your elopement location and dancing to your favorite music.

Either way, having an elopement means you can have your first dance in a low-key setting, and not surrounded by a huge group of onlookers. If you really want to plan out your first dance, hire a live musician and make it a big moment! Like most wedding traditions, this tradition can be adapted to weddings of all sizes, and is just as lovely with or without an audience.

Bouquet and Cake on Your Wedding Elopement Day

By all means, if you want a florist and bakery to create your dream bouquet and confectionary delight, indulge! Large weddings aren’t the only ceremonies with a beautifully decorated cake and an artistically crafted flower arrangement. In fact, they are often already included in wedding packages. For example, our elopement services include a formal bouquet and boutonniere as a classic wedding tradition. And we have recommendations of our favorite wedding cake bakeries, for an all-in-one solution.

Throwing a Post Elopement Party

For couples with guests, either locally or from far away, consider throwing a post elopement party to celebrate your union! This is a fun way to include your guests in one of the classic wedding traditions: the celebration. Even if you hold a couple-only wedding, you can always invite people to an event after the ceremony. Use a post elopement party as a chance for friends and family to socialize, catch up, and toast the two of you. Whether you exchanged vows with or without an audience, hosting a wedding elopement party is a great way to share the moment with your nearest and dearest, as well as partake in fun traditions, such as the bouquet toss and first dance.

Tie Cans to The Bumper as a Final Wedding Tradition

Close your ceremony with a long-held classic tradition: tying cans to your car bumper and driving away with them sailing in the wind. This modern custom draws attention to the wedding car as you head into your first evening together as a married couple. Although the tradition calls for either cans or shoes, the point is making your “Just Hitched!” statement loud and clear to the world – or at least anyone within earshot. Chances are you will receive congratulatory honks from strangers and well-wishers. This adds to the fun and excitement of the big day.

An Elopement Team with Classical (Wedding) Training

Deciding to have an elopement ceremony doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away wedding traditions. In fact, elopements are adaptable, flexible, and open to interpretation. If you want classical wedding traditions brought into your intimate elopement ceremony, then by all means, please do!

Our San Diego elopement team makes planning your wedding ceremony a breeze with our expert recommendations and connections within the wedding vendor community. With our background in modern and classic weddings, we can also help you decide which traditions to incorporate. No matter what stage you’re at in your elopement planning, we’ll be able to provide top-notch advice, arrangements, and solutions for your San Diego elopement. Call us to get started on making your dream elopement a reality!

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