As popular as traditional weddings are, eloping is gaining attention for its intimate, simple nature. Generally speaking, couples who elope wish to do so quickly and quietly. Often, there is a small guest list, and a scaled-down ceremony. Today, we’ll be going over the most popular types of elopements, and why some modern wedding couples prefer elopement. We’ll also shed light on how wedding couple elopement differs from traditional weddings.

Types of Wedding Couple Elopement

There are three common types of elopements, which are as follows:

  1.  Classic Courthouse
  2. Adventure Wedding
  3. Intimate Wedding Elopement

Below, we will talk about each of these elopement types, and explain them in detail:

1) Classic Courthouse Elopement

The classic courthouse elopement is a straightforward ceremony. Typically, a couple goes directly to a courthouse, signs their marriage papers, and declares their vows. There is minimal fuss and frill involved. Low-key brides and grooms may prefer this type of elopement over a large ceremony. This is because it only takes a few hours to complete.

Additionally, a courthouse wedding makes sense for couples who want to be legally married quickly. Depending on priorities, it may also make financial sense. This is because traditional weddings cost an average of $33,900, not counting honeymoon expenses. A full scale wedding like this is typically well worth it, but it is not for everyone.

With this in mind, a classic courthouse wedding may be a preferred option for modern couples who want to tie the knot and are working within a modest budget. And even with a courthouse-style wedding, you can still have amazing photography and videography, all within a small custom wedding package.

2) Adventure Wedding Couple Elopements

Adventure wedding elopements are a mixture  between vacation and marriage ceremony. In this type of elopement, couples choose an outdoor location where their elopement photographer documents the event with breathtaking shots. Think of it as a small-scale destination wedding that takes place in a picturesque or  meaningful location. This could be anywhere from a local hiking trail to a remote beach. There are a multitude of options without even leaving San Diego County for  adventure, big or small.

Adventure elopements are particularly appealing to couples who love the outdoors, and want to hold their ceremony in a nontraditional venue. Additionally, adventure weddings can involve a group of friends, or the wedding couple only. For around the same budget as a dream vacation, you can get married and make it an occasion to remember for life.

3) Intimate Wedding Elopement

Weddings are intimate in nature, and some modern couples choose to take this a step further. Instead of a large wedding party, they decide to share their experience with only their immediate family or closest friends. The event may resemble a traditional wedding ceremony, but it consists of those nearest and dearest to the wedding couple.

For family-centered couples or those who prefer small gatherings, an intimate wedding elopement is as relaxed as it is romantic. Guest lists usually cap at 10 people, and the event can be modified to the couple’s preferences. For example, some intimate elopements exclude the guest list entirely and only have the witnesses and officiant in attendance, along with key wedding vendors Overall, intimate wedding elopements are an option for couples who want to go straight into the ceremony with minimal planning and prepping.

Why Some Wedding Couples Prefer Elopement

Elopements have evolved over the years. At one time, only couples working with a restrictive budget, were extremely adventurous, or didn’t care much about the wedding were the ones eloping. Today, though, eloping is a viable choice when planning a small wedding. In fact, it is becoming an increasingly popular decision for modern couples!

Eloping Offers Peace of Mind

Along with reducing the time and budget of a traditional wedding, couples who elope can often reduce  stress. This is because weddings place a lot of responsibility on the couple, especially without a wedding coordinator. In the weeks leading up to a wedding, there are decisions to be made daily. Eloping helps to streamline this process, and to reduce the amount of planning involved. Eloping is also a potential  solution for couples with tricky family dynamics, putting the couple in complete control over the guest list. As an intimate affair, it’s much easier to pin the reason for a non-invite on the quiet intent of elopement.

Eloping Makes it Easy to “Be in the Moment”

The option of having a small audience or none at all (other than the officiant, vendors, and witnesses), means eloping can be an intimate and private occasion. Instead of a reception, speeches, and after-parties, the wedding is completely centered on the union itself. As such, couples can minimize outside influences, and have a personal experience that revolves around each other.

Summary of Wedding Couple Elopement vs Traditional Weddings

Every couple’s personalities are different, and eloping will likely never replace traditional weddings altogethers. What eloping does offer, however, is an option for couples who want an intimate celebration, and one that is removed from social pressures. Some couples don’t see the benefit of large-scale weddings, and choose to do things a little differently. For them, eloping takes the pressure out of an extravagant celebration and allows couples the freedom to plan on their own accord.

Previously seen as a controversial act of “run-aways”, elopement is now a viable option for  modern couples as a way to take control over the wedding process. From destination to guest list, personal taste takes precedence over outside influence. For couples who choose to elope, the common experience they share is a sense of liberation. In case they want a larger wedding later down the line, a vow renewal ceremony is always an option too.

A Team For Your Elopement

Although minimal in preparation, there are still details that should be worked out before eloping. Picking a destination, hiring a photographer, and selecting an elopement package are a few of those careful considerations. Our experienced San Diego Elopements team will  assist you in answering all your questions. We will also organize your elopement so that the details match your ideal needs, values, and beliefs. Contact us to discuss how we can help design your perfect elopement day!

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