As a couple, does your happy place consists of flip-flops, warm waves, and vacation vibes? If so, you may want to elope in San Diego. Even if you aren’t originally from our beach-city, it doesn’t take long to feel welcome. In addition to natives, our shores and neighborhoods appeal to tourists across the globe. As well, we are a highly sought after city for elopement weddings.

With so many historic areas, impressive beaches, and stunning landmarks, there are a lot of choices when it comes to your elopement. So how to decide? To start, our professional team will walk you through the step by step process of eloping in San Diego. We’ll also share a few of the best elopement locations in town. Let’s get started!

Simple Steps for your San Diego Elopement

If you’re planning an elopement, you’re likely aiming for a quick, simple ceremony with minimal stress. To make things easy, speed up the process by hiring a local elopement team like ours. We are here to offer the right expertise, every step of the way.

Elopement teams like ours have been through the process many times over. As a result, we will have the answers you need. We will also guide the actionable steps to take, which may look like this:

1) Envision your San Diego Elopement Ceremony

First, share your ideas, preferences, and dreams with your partner. That way, you’ll have a better grasp of your expectations for your elopement. Then, our  team will design the vision with floral arrangements, a professional stylist, local recommendations, and other personalizations. In addition, our long-established connections with the local wedding and event community will make it easy to elope in San Diego.

2) Decide on the Size of your San Diego Elopement

Remember, guest lists are optional. If you want a private occasion, keep the intimate moment between you and your partner. Alternatively, prepare a small guest list, and celebrate with close family and friends. If your guests can’t make the ceremony, you can invite them to a wedding party after you elope in San Diego. Whether you choose a couple-only ceremony, or one that includes guests, your elopement team should be able to accommodate.

3) Choose Potential Dates for your San Diego Elopement

If you are planning to elope during a busy time of year, make sure to pick more than one possible date. This way, your elopement team can assist in selecting the day with the best conditions. It’s important to consider weather, time of day, and whether the location requires a permit/reservation. The most common weather considerations would be overcast days during May and June and winter rain showers.

4) (Non-Resident) Book your Accommodations and Travel to San Diego (ASAP)

If you’re a local, you probably have a good idea of traffic patterns, and how to arrive at your chosen venue in time. However, if you don’t live in San Diego, book your travel plans as far out as possible. Plan to be here for a couple of days before the elopement, and get to know the city. This way, you’ll be prepared and rested on the big day itself.

San Diego’s lowest travel rates are March – May and September – November. If your elopement is spontaneous, be aware that flying out on a weekend during a busy tourist season may result in crowds and onlookers. As a result, keep midweek days in mind for a more secluded experience when you elope in San Diego!

5) Calculate your Dream Elopement Budget

For some, elopements can be a bit more attainable, budget-wise, than traditional weddings. However, there are still ways to have a very fancy and high-end elopement celebration. So knowing how to prioritize and work within your elopement budget is important.

Luckily, our elopement team can help you calculate all the details with cost in mind. Additionally, we offer pre-set packages with customization options. These packages fit the needs of most couples who elope in San Diego. From florists, photography, videography officiant, coordinator, and everything in between, we’ll work with you to accomplish your dream elopement on your budget.

Your elopement team will be able to streamline the planning and preparation while also being cost-effective. However, be sure to work with an experienced team of wedding professionals, and not leave anything to chance. This will ensure an enjoyable and stress-free day. Now that you know the general steps, let’s explore the best San Diego elopement locations!

The Best Locations to Elope in San Diego

With so many location options, and gorgeous weather to match, you could almost choose a beautiful place at random. But for those who like a bit more structure, here are a list of popular elopement venue locations available throughout San Diego:

Outdoor San Diego Venues

If sun-kissed photos of you and your significant other on a stunning coast is your idea of perfect, there are endless beaches to choose from. Just keep in mind that San Diego is a top tourist destination. Because of this, there’s a greater chance that a stranger might share in the celebration! Therefore, try to avoid the busy tourist season. Here are some locations to consider:

  • Beaches
  • Cliffs
  • Parks
  • Gardens
  • Wineries
  • Rooftops/Lofts

Indoor San Diego Venues

Overall, San Diego has locations for small weddings, tiny elopements and everything in between. At the end of the day, it falls on personal taste. And when you opt for an indoor venue, you’ll still be able to enjoy the laid-back culture and picturesque surrounding neighborhood. Here are a few options:

  • Courthouses
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Banquet Halls
  • Country Clubs
  • Historic Venues

Other Elopement Location Options

If you want more privacy, holding your elopement ceremony at a country club or restaurant patio may be better-suited. Moreover, if you’re looking for a unique spot, consider a rooftop venue. They’re especially dazzling when overlooking the city, the beach, or at night. No matter where you look in San Diego, there’s plenty of romantic appeal to choose from.

For adventure enthusiasts or couples looking to capture a beautiful sunset, here are a few year-round favorite elopement venues:

Torrey Pines: Desert-like landscape with gorgeous rock formations, peaceful trails, and access to miles of beachfront. This preserve is home to threatened plants and animals, so food is only allowed on the beach and all groups need a permit.

Balboa Park: San Diego County’s collection of Spanish architecture, art, and culture. It also hosts a myriad of gardens, cultural cuisine, museums, and the San Diego Zoo.

Sunset Cliffs: Dramatic views atop of cliffs, ideal for breathtaking sunsets. Locals recommend bringing a sweatshirt for the cooler ocean breeze and plan for a midweek spot.

La Jolla: A scenic hiking/walking path known for its gorgeous views of Southern California’s coast. There’s also a signature, luxury hotel and plenty of fine dining options to enjoy.

Local Elopement Honeymoon

If you plan on being in the San Diego area for your honeymoon, staycations are a popular option. Here are a few highly recommended honeymoon staycation spots in San Diego:

Rancho Valencia: A chic European inspired venue surrounded by acres of gardens and olive groves, lush courtyards, and the Valencia lawn. Elopement guides recommend booking off-season which is between November to March. If you’re from out-of-state, this is a good time to bask in San Diego’s year-round average of 75°F.

The Hotel Del Coronado: With its private beaches and enchanting, glamorous architecture, this honeymoon destination makes for a Hollywood-worthy celebration. It is also a popular choice for couples for generations!

Fairmont Grand Del Mar: An exquisite location with elegant Mediterranean-Italian architecture, lush greenery, and a charming pavilion, all in the heart of a coastal canyon.

Westgate Hotel: Beautiful downtown/European hybrid venue with lavish artwork from the French walls and crystal chandeliers to its gorgeous hardwood floors.

Ready to Elope?

From adventure enthusiasts to the minimalist couple, there are plenty of honeymoon spots to choose from. That’s why San Diego is a top tourist destination! It attracts young and old, and there’s something for everybody. Indoors or out, San Diego has limitless romantic appeal. With ideal weather all year-round, there’s a perfect place for your elopement almost anywhere and any time you look!

Deciding to elope in San Diego is a wonderful first step, but how do you move forward? Rest assured that our elopement team will be there for each phase, step by step. So, whether you need clarification on the process, location recommendations, or local suggestions, our expert team will serve as the ultimate guide. We’ll answer any and all questions and share our love for the San Diego area. As well, we will provide every wedding vendor you need, all in one place.

Our Elopement Team

Our long-established elopement team is well connected with the San Diego wedding and event community. You can connect with us any day of the week you’re ready to start planning! Once you decide to have us onboard, we’ll be there every step of the way.

To discuss details, make arrangements, or ask for the best recommendations, get in touch with us to make your San Diego elopement a fun and stress-free experience!

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