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Elopement Budget Recommendations

There are many factors to consider when it comes to an elopement budget. For some couples, a San Diego elopement provides an attainable alternative to a traditional wedding. This is because elopements tend to be on par or less than a small wedding event. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, the guest list is typically small or non-existent. This makes planning and logistics very easy. Along with this, an elopement can be arranged in a relatively short amount of time. This reduces the need for a coordinator to plan months in advance. Further, because elopement wedding services can be combined into one package. For all these reasons and more, elopements are achievable and attainable for many wedding couples. An elopement doesn’t need to be bare bones. In fact, modern elopements can be quite upscale and elegant. Or they can be down-to-earth and practical. There is no one template that fits every elopement. However, we have come up with pre-set options to fit common San Diego wedding budgets. This makes the decision making process very simple. Instead of looking at a variety of choices, all over the map, we have narrowed it down. This way, you can see exactly how to allocate your elopement budget. With proper planning, there will be no surprises!

Planning Your Elopement Budget

Typically, San Diego couples who come to us have initial questions about elopement budgets. For example, which services are included in an average budget. Rest assured that we take time to answer all questions, and to walk through the options available. Also, please know that you can customize all of our elopement packages. When requested, we custom tailor them to fit the occasion and specific needs of the event. This way, there is something for every couple! If budget is a major consideration, we will likely suggest a midweek date for your San Diego elope plan. This is because high-demand  wedding vendors book out on the weekends. So Saturdays and high season dates will be comparably higher priced for quality talent. If you are open to a midweek date, or to eloping during a quieter time of year, you will have much more flexibility. To start, you may want to have a few potential dates in mind. This way, we can make the best recommendations when it comes to the elopement budget spend.

Types of Elopements Within Budget

Budgets are different. Because of this, there is no one fixed type of elopement that works best for everyone. Therefore, it is about making the best decisions for your specific situation. This could mean a low-key courthouse ceremony, followed by a fancy dinner. Or an intimate gathering on the beach for family and friends. Or, you may want to keep it to the two of you, and go on an amazing honeymoon. It is these types of priorities that will best determine your elopement wedding. It’s also why there is no one answer to the question, “How much do elopements cost?” However, we will use our creativity and expertise to come up with the best event for you. Elopements may not be as big and formal as traditional weddings. However, they can still be extremely beautiful and personalized. In addition, vendors like the ones on our team are the best wedding specialists in San Diego. This includes top of the line photography, videography, florals, and other services. So don’t think of an elopement as a fallback or “budget” option. Consider it an opportunity to have a very small wedding, and to tailor every aspect of it. We put all the same care and consideration into elopements as we do into big weddings. Just on a smaller scale, over a more condensed time period.

Other Considerations for Your San Diego Elopement

Getting married here in town is a wonderful way to begin your life together as a couple. It is a good idea to start preparing for your elopement weeks or months in advance. There are occasions where we can accommodate a last minute elopement. We will always try our best! But having notice ahead of time will set us all up better. It will enable our team to make the best recommendations for you, without feeling pressed for time. It will also make the days leading up to your elopement more relaxing. If at all possible, reach out early! Also, when we first connect, plan to spend 20-30 minutes on the phone talking through the details. This will give us both time to ask questions, and to get to know each other. By learning a lot up front, and sharing information and advice, we will be set up for success. We would love to connect with you, and to put our award-winning elopement team members to work on your elopement. Please feel welcome to call, email or fill our our contact form. We will be talking and planning your elopement in no time!