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We take the lead with our engaged couples and plan out all the elopement details for a completely fun and stress-free destination wedding in San Diego.

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From courthouse to couple only to small gatherings, we bring your intimate ceremony in San Diego to life and make it uniquely yours, and a day to truly remember.

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Every vendor on our team has been pre-approved with a stellar industry reputation and 5-star reviews across the web, so we’re sure you’ll be satisfied when you have us plan your elopement in San Diego.

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Simple No-Stress Planning

With our time-tested process, and expert team, we take the guesswork out of elopement planning and handle it all.

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Grand weddings require larger budgets and months of preparation. When you hire us to organize your San Diego destination wedding, we’ll fast-track your elopement and your "happily ever after."

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From hidden locations to the most picturesque spots in town, we will create an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime event for you.


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Elope in San Diego

Welcome to True Elopements – the best San Diego Elopements team there is! We are happy you found our award-winning team of event professionals. After deciding to elope in San Diego many couples aren’t sure what to do next. Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to elopement planning. For example, some couples are hoping for the best intimate courthouse wedding San Diego has to offer. Other couples are seeking a unique and personalized wedding experience at a beach, park, or private residence. This is where our team comes in. We have the knowledge and expertise to plan elopements in San Diego on time and within budget. Leave the details to us and enjoy the period leading up to your big day. You’ll be glad you did!

Your Elopement Ceremony

Of course, the highlight of eloping in San Diego is the intimate ceremony. With our picturesque natural locations, there are so many natural venues around town. For example, you may want to elope at a beach or a quiet park. Or, perhaps you would prefer to hold your ceremony at a private residence. Regardless, we will create a wedding ceremony that is heartfelt and unique to you.

Instead of just showing up on your wedding day, our officiant gets to know you beforehand. This way, we to connect with you as a couple, so your ceremony feels comfortable and specific to you. Although we will have recommendations, there is no one single template for all couples. Just as every relationship is different, so is every San Diego destination wedding. For example, you may have elopement ceremony traditions you would like to see incorporated. Or you may want to involve friends and family in your ceremony, and recognize them in some way. Well before your elopement day, we will have all of these elements worked out, so you have a fun and enjoyable elopement ceremony on the day itself.

Bringing Your Ceremony Together

From a courthouse wedding to an upscale private gathering, we will be there to help you every step of the way. We will even help to arrange the legal documents you need to elope in San Diego. This way, your wedding will go off without a snag. Be sure to ask us all of your questions regarding the elopement ceremony, and we will be happy to help. Above all, we want to make sure you are at ease on your elopement day. Leave the logistics of the intimate ceremony to our San Diego team!

Beautiful San Diego Elopements

While unlikely to replace traditional weddings altogether, it is now a viable option to elope in San Diego. Gone are the days where a couple would race down to the courthouse and wait in the long downtown San Diego elope line. These days, elopements are more sophisticated and personalized. The ceremonies are beautiful and tailored to each wedding couple. In fact, some modern wedding couples now prefer elopement as opposed to a classic wedding setting. Regardless of financial means, if you can afford a nice small wedding, you can also afford to elope in San Diego. 

Our team will help you through the entire process, and create an experience to remember for a lifetime. This includes top level quality photography, high definition video, florals, an officiant, and more. In other words, it is the entire package that any couple would want when envisioning their perfect destination wedding in San Diego. Along with this, we will share wedding elopement tips along the way to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently!

Elopement vs Small Weddings

For many couples, an elopement has all the benefits of a small wedding. This is especially true for couples on a budget or time limitation. In cases like these, hosting a grand wedding event may not be appealing or even attainable. Other couples may have family that lives far away, and would not be able to attend a ceremony in person. And some couples prefer to keep their intimate ceremony in San Diego private. For all of these reasons and others, an elopement may be the ideal choice.

Our team has expertise in both elopements and small weddings. Because of this, we will help you to make the best determination. We do so by getting to know you as a couple, along with your preferences and priorities. This helps us to make the best and most relevant recommendations for your wedding day. This is the benefit of an amazing San Diego destination wedding planning team!

Elopement Budget Considerations

When we first speak to clients, we often hear about budget considerations. We recognize that budgets are different from couple to couple. This is why we have created simple packages for eloping in San Diego. By having the pricing and services determined ahead of time, it makes the decision process very simple. However, all of our elopement packages are customizable. So if you are looking for something specific, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, we will be very helpful and transparent about how to allocate your elopement budget. This way, you will know the full value of the talented vendors you have on your elopement team.

Planning Your Wedding Elopement

If you have decided to elope in San Diego, you will find that a fair amount of planning is involved. This includes everything from the location to the guest list to the celebration afterwards. For many couples, this even includes a local honeymoon or staycation! Fortunately, our professional wedding team is here to help plan an elopement that will stand out. Even if you are faced with a last minute elopement, we likely have a solution to match. With decades of experience in San Diego destination wedding planning, and related services, we have the best local wedding professionals. No one is learning on the job when it comes to planning your wedding elopement. We are all seasoned professionals, with well-earned reputations within the industry.

We sincerely care about your wedding elopement planning – likely as much as you do! It is this level of care and commitment that sets our team apart. In our planning process, we take everything we have learned about classic and modern weddings. From there, we scale down to create unique and sophisticated intimate ceremonies for couples in San Diego. The end result is a beautiful and deeply resonant elopement that you will remember for a lifetime!

Talk to a San Diego Elopement Expert

If you would like to elope in San Diego, you will want to reach out to our expert wedding elopement team. It is very likely you will have questions we can answer! We also know the best locations for eloping, how to expedite your marriage license, and other insider tips. So before trying to plan everything on your own, please reach out to us. We will be more than happy to devote time to making your event a shining example of what eloping in San Diego can be. We look forward to getting to know you both, and to talking through the details of your upcoming elopement!