Wedding Tips

Plan Your Perfect Elopement Day

Who will we be working with throughout our elopement process?

We have a team dedicated to elopement couples who will help guide you the entire way. This includes everything from the first time we speak to the elopement day itself. We want to ensure that your entire experience is enjoyable, fun, and stress-free. So if you have questions at any point throughout the process, please reach out! You will have our contact info to discuss details, arrange the schedule, ensure the marriage license is secured, and any other considerations that may be needed. We’ve been through this many times and we will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. Also, you can breathe easy knowing you are working with the #1 wedding vendor team in San Diego!

What is the right elopement wedding budget?

They can fluctuate a bit, but most elopements cost far less than the average small to mid-budget wedding. Because of this, elopements are beneficial to couples who prefer not to have a lavish or traditional wedding event. Or for couples who have other life priorities, such as a down payment on a home or travel. To make the process extremely easy, we have created pre-set packages with customization built in that will suit the needs of most elopement couples. This will be the simplest and most cost effective way to have an elopement with our best recommendations intact, without cutting corners. The options should even work well for those exploring San Diego weddings on a budget. Please review our pricing page for more info. Of course, full custom events are also available, and you are welcome to talk with our team for details.

When should we hold our elopement ceremony?

As mentioned in these wedding tips, you can have an outdoor elopement ceremony nearby any day of the year. From a photography perspective, conditions will be best close to sunset, in the time period before the sun actually sets. This fluctuates from day to day, so we will be able to best determine the optimal time once we know your actual date. In the hot summer months, when the sun stays out, a late afternoon ceremony is ideal. This way, we are able to photograph your wedding portraits when the sun is in its absolute ideal position. 

Why elope in San Diego?

There are endless reasons. As you likely know, we have a sunny climate and ideal weather that is practically year round. Our causal culture lends itself to laid-back and intimate gatherings. And our picturesque cityscape and endless beaches make up one of the best wedding venues in existence. It’s no wonder more and more modern couples are choosing to elope right here in San Diego. From small weddings to tiny elopement ceremonies, this is the perfect city. Combine this with the best and most sought-after wedding vendor team you could hope for, and you have every reason to elope here!

Should we get dressed up?

That’s completely up to you! There are no concrete rules here. If you always pictured yourselves in traditional wedding attire, then that’s what you should wear, regardless of the surroundings. If you are a casual couple and flip flops and board shorts are your thing, then this is perfect also. We want you to feel natural and comfortable at your elopement wedding, and to make it your own. So we encourage that it reflect your sense of style and personality as a couple. We do suggest arriving early and bringing one or more changes of clothes, so you have fallbacks just in case. Also, if we are walking to a path or secluded spot, then comfortable walking shoes are a must. Beyond that, it’s all you!

Will you make recommendations for our elopement?

Of course! We are long established and well connected in the San Diego wedding and event community. If there is something you need outside of our core package, please ask. This could be anything from hotel accommodations to transportation to dining options in the vicinity of your elopement site. We know and love San Diego and if there are other services we can recommend, we are happy to. Chances are they can either be added to your package, or we will have an answer and solution for you. 

Are you available throughout the week?

Yes, although weekdays will be best, to give you the private and exclusive feeling you are after. We also know that elopements should be fun and even somewhat spontaneous. So early Wednesday morning on a secluded beach, Thursday night on a rooftop terrace, or mid-day in your own backyard… the options are endless. If you plan for a weekend, especially in high tourist season, the odds are greater that you will share your moment with strangers and onlookers. So ideally, have midweek in mind when setting aside one or more dates for consideration.

Does our elopement need to be at the courthouse?

No! This may be the version of an elopement we once pictured in our heads. And we can certainly arrange a courthouse elopement event. But most of our elopements are much more stylized and fun. They reflect the personality of the couple we work with, and are wonderfully unique. The location is flexible also, from the beach to a private home to an exclusive “secret spot” off the beaten path. Think of it as a micro wedding, with all the excitement and joy that goes into the wedding day. This means beautiful florals, an amazing officiant who gets to know the two of you, exceptional photography and video…all the best aspects of a wedding.