Elopement Wedding Couple Julie & Rohan changed their wedding plans because of Covid-19. We created a small, beautiful & personal wedding for them. Check here!

Julie & Rohan

Elopement Wedding Highlights

Julie & Rohan's Wedding Story

Julie and Rohan were set to have a full scale wedding. However, the world had other plans involving social distancing. Despite this, they still wanted to get married, and have more than a basic courthouse wedding. So they contacted our team! Within a short time, we put together a complete plan and assigned the entire wedding vendor team. The result was a beautiful and joyous wedding ceremony that was centered around their personalities. They now envision having a larger party to celebrate their one-year anniversary, and are a happily married elopement couple.

Wedding Highlights

Thank you so much for putting all the photos and videos together, we absolutely love them. We've already shared most of them with our friends and families and gotten rave reviews! We did this wedding differently than we ever thought we would, but you guys all helped make this special for us and we're very thankful for that.. We had a great time working with you guys and will definitely recommend you to anybody we talk to.